No Longer serving god…

Honestly it's been a long time coming. I give so much but don't get anything in return. Day in and day out I give myself, my time and attention to a god that cant bless me. It's crazy because it's so easy serving, I mean truly effortless. I've been shown all of the things that … Continue reading No Longer serving god…

He’s a Good Good Father!

   I'm sitting here, getting ready to complain about my life. About how things aren't going right, why these tears keep falling, why I'm still failing in this test, why does God want to use me... (if He still wants to use me). BUT... I'm deciding not to praise my problems, but to praise my … Continue reading He’s a Good Good Father!

Falling in line…For real

There are people who don't want to be delivered out of their messes, because they rather invite people to validate that it is in fact a mess. I've been hearing this a lot. The truth is that that person is me. It took a while to truly come to terms with it. Although God was … Continue reading Falling in line…For real

April Fools!

It's just something ironic about Resurrection Sunday being on April Fools day. This was the most iconic #GotEm move in biblical history. The enemy always tend to think he's got the Lord beat; that never has nor ever will be the truth. I pray that you all have had a blessed resurrection day. Let it … Continue reading April Fools!