No Longer serving god…

Honestly it's been a long time coming. I give so much but don't get anything in return. Day in and day out I give myself, my time and attention to a god that cant bless me. It's crazy because it's so easy serving, I mean truly effortless. I've been shown all of the things that … Continue reading No Longer serving god…

Auto Renew

It's that time again. Or was that last month or last week? Sometimes I cant keep up. Either way its that time when everyone feels its a good time to start over again. The only things is, we kinda never finish the last task that we set out to do in the first place. Isn't … Continue reading Auto Renew

Step 1

Sooo I've come up with a few plans to get me back on track. The first being getting back into His word like I used to. The crazy thing is that I love God's word... I just have a little trouble focusing sometimes. The spirit of distraction does this dance with my flesh (which needs … Continue reading Step 1

And Another One

Celebrating another year of "blogging" or ranting while following Christ. I've matured a bit from when I've first started writing. I've shed a lot of weight (spiritually and even naturally) and I'm working towards sharing more of my journey. More about how great God is despite the attacks that the enemy is sending my way. … Continue reading And Another One

Hello Pain, I’m Purpose

There comes a point in your walk with God where it all just clicks. Okay saying "just clicks" sorta takes away the journey doesn't it? you know like saying "overnight success"? (I knew you would agree). So moving along, Though choosing to live for Christ is the best decision I've ever made, It has its … Continue reading Hello Pain, I’m Purpose

The Voice

I can assure you that this has nothing to do with the popularized sensation of a show... With that being said. Walking in accordance with God's will can be a bit foggy at times. I never knew God the way I know Him now. My coming back to God and building a relationship with Him … Continue reading The Voice

The Underflow

It's funny how God operates sometime. Recently I've reactivated my old Facebook account. I felt it would be great to encourage people on a personal level (at least till I join these two worlds together). Today I posted about being grateful for the things we often neglect because there is always someone praying to have … Continue reading The Underflow

May 4th

Have you ever been to the point where the darkness feels like a place of comfort? Like no matter how bad its gotten, its your very own world and you feel an odd sense of safety. So safe that you consider for just a second to give into its harmonious plea to just end it … Continue reading May 4th