No Longer serving god…

Honestly it’s been a long time coming. I give so much but don’t get anything in return. Day in and day out I give myself, my time and attention to a god that cant bless me. It’s crazy because it’s so easy serving, I mean truly effortless. I’ve been shown all of the things that I would love in this life. I mean full out “I can show you the world” Aladdin style. However, I had to make a decision that being shown things is no longer good enough for me (whoever said window shopping was fun is clearly delusional).

This is my breakup letter to the god of binge watching TV and chill. Don’t get me wrong, There’s nothing with a little relaxing but I realized that I was leaving very little room for God to truly have his way in my life. I’m a pretty simple person, I’ve had a life of always being out doing something. However, The older I get the more my life has been routine; Work, Church and home. I like routine, more importantly I love winding down doing absolutely nothing thanks to my hectic schedule! I guess in a way I was telling work that they can get their hours (however long) and Church/God can have a set time as well but home, home can get the rest of me. Lets face it you cant put God in a box and expect Him to flow in your life at the same time.

In my last post I talked about being truly intentional about the declarations I’ve made for this year/season of my life. After fasting with my church and staring out a new shift with my job. I truly feel like my fight is back. I’ve found my way back to picking up my bible and christian books on my relaxation time and putting down my remote. Not that I wasn’t reading my bible at work or other times of the day, just that I’m intentionally choosing to feed my spirit man more and leaving less room for the enemy to distract me. I’m even strengthening my prayer life not just by praying more but being more intentional with my prayers. Allowing God to guide my prayers again to avoid vain repetitions. Next I will be building my prayer wall back up.

So I’m leaving god for God. I’m nowhere near what I used to be but i’m a step closer to where God is calling me. Some things come out through prayer and fasting. I thank God that He didn’t stop fighting for me the 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th (…okay you get it) time.

Glimpse: 2 Timothy 2:15

2 thoughts on “No Longer serving god…

  1. “You cant put God in a box and expect Him to flow in your life at the same time”.

    “Leaving god for God”. šŸ‘Œ

    This is timely and thought-provoking. About time to get international about walking with God.


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