Auto Renew

It’s that time again. Or was that last month or last week? Sometimes I cant keep up. Either way its that time when everyone feels its a good time to start over again. The only things is, we kinda never finish the last task that we set out to do in the first place. Isn’t it weird we think that some things are just going to magically get better because time has passed? I mean we often hear that time heals, but does it really? Or that with age comes wisdom, but seriously is it true?

I recently turned *cough cough* (yup and I don’t even look it, right?). I told myself and God that this would be it; the year of total breakthrough. The year that all of the missed blessings would catch up and overflow me, the year where I take my destiny serious serious (yes, thaaaattt serious). After all *cough cough* are some pretty blessed numbers and the year 2020 is also a great set of numbers to be *cough cough* in. But here’s the thing. If I’m not as intentional about my actions as I am in my declarations, NOTHING will change.

I often hear that we are waiting on God while He’s waiting on us. After I made my declaration of greatness, I slowly but surely settled back into my old ways. This my friends is how the enemy gets us to keep missing our blessings; comfort. Comfort is the enemy that hinders us. Comfort and calling or like opposites at least for a little while. Comfort tells us that we are fine just where we are and calling tells us to come out of where we are and become what we’re intended to be.

As much as I want all of the great things that God has in store for me, I barely changed anything. As if somehow a declaration was all that I needed to unlock the blessings. Declarations without actions are some of the worst lies we can tell ourselves and God. Frankly, I’m tired of telling lies to God of how I will get back to where I once was. I”m ready to actually get back there, not just because I’m *cough cough* but because God has chosen me. Just like He’s chosen you. I don’t want to wake up on the other side of heaven knowing that I never served my purpose.

So lets ditch the magic clocks that keeps telling us that things will automatically get better after we’ve wasted time. Time doesn’t actually heal, The actions that we take toward healing is what heals. Being *cough cough* doesn’t automatically make me wise, its the living, experiencing and learning that can make be wise. Lets be more intentional with our time. Lets renew our minds in Christ. No more comfort, shake it off and kick that devil to the pits of hell.

Glimpse: Seek the comfort of the Lord in your calling. Its going to take you away from what you know and bring you to the place of what He knows. Being that He created us, I would say that you cant go wrong.

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