The Underflow

It’s funny how God operates sometime. Recently I’ve reactivated my old Facebook account. I felt it would be great to encourage people on a personal level (at least till I join these two worlds together). Today I posted about being grateful for the things we often neglect because there is always someone praying to have just a fraction of what we posses.

A little background about me…

The Lord has blessed me with a great Job with great benefits, it keeps food on the table, a roof over my head and the occasional getaway. After doing the same thing for over a decade, I wanted to switch some things up. I stepped out on faith and replied to a job posting within my job. Truth be told it’s the second time of my stepping out on faith. This process was a lot longer than the last and after about a month or so the results were in. **drum roll please** …… (pausing for dramatic effects)…. I did not get it. I was (still am) pretty sad about it. I felt like I did everything right but somehow someway I messed up again. I had many signs that this was a door being opened in my life… this time. It simply wasn’t.

I’m in need of a breakthrough, a win or something.

So going back to Facebook, I realized that God was telling me to be grateful. He used me to encourage me without my knowing. I’m sitting here looking for a win and there are people praying for what I already posses. Sure I would love a change in pace in my career or to be married with children but I have to let the master have His way. I titled this “The Underflow” because I remember the time when blessings were raining down on my life, I praised my heart out to God then. He dropped it in my spirit to praise Him as if I was still in that season. Naturally it appears that I’m in an underflow season, but I’m just flowing on the blessings that I’ve been neglecting. It’s crazy how we allow great things to fade to the background overtime.

Glimpse: When things are going great, praise Him. When things are going “bad” praise Him. Your praise could be that very thing that opens the next door in your life.

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