Oh taste and SEA that the Lord is good

            It's just something about being one with the sea (in one form or another). Today I felt compelled to enjoy a beach day on my lonesome; I was searching for something and didn't want any distractions. I mean, not like the guy I seen with a metal detector determined to … Continue reading Oh taste and SEA that the Lord is good


ɡlim(p)s noun a momentary or partial view. verb see or perceive briefly or partially. So it's been a few days since the start of this blog. I truly didn't (aannnddd still don't) know where to go from day 1, but my most recent *glimpse* proved to me that I was on the right path. I … Continue reading Glimpse


Its wierd at times when trying to find your way through a spiritual walk. Learning the do's and don't, when's and why's and the just plain huh's (while getting nail deep in your scalp). I've always gotten through some rough patches by simply getting a glimpse of heaven. Im still not sure where to go … Continue reading HEAVENLY GLIMPSE