Despite it all

This year has been (and still is) a trying year. It's also fueled my drive to not die before I make whatever mark God has destined for me. To back up a little, I started year thirty three of my life determined to blaze a trail or two. Sometime between then and the pandemic being … Continue reading Despite it all

Sunshine In The Rain

With everything that's going I feel like i'm being grounded all the more... and I'm grateful for it. As my focus is being shifted back to the things that matter, I feel like my old self. Just simply grateful for all the little things again. I feel like somewhere along the way of my trials … Continue reading Sunshine In The Rain

My Results…

In my last post I announced that I had a few symptoms that mimicked Covid 19. I'm an essential worker and don't have the liberty of working from home. Like most places, my job screens every employee before we can enter into the building. although I never made it that far as I was noticeably … Continue reading My Results…

The Year of Refocusing

It's been a while, so much has changed. The things that used to matter really doesn't anymore. This flu demon has hit the world with a horrible punch. My heart cant take anymore of the reporting. I was about to go into a full on panic but I have to keep reminding myself that either … Continue reading The Year of Refocusing

No Longer serving god…

Honestly it's been a long time coming. I give so much but don't get anything in return. Day in and day out I give myself, my time and attention to a god that cant bless me. It's crazy because it's so easy serving, I mean truly effortless. I've been shown all of the things that … Continue reading No Longer serving god…

Auto Renew

It's that time again. Or was that last month or last week? Sometimes I cant keep up. Either way its that time when everyone feels its a good time to start over again. The only things is, we kinda never finish the last task that we set out to do in the first place. Isn't … Continue reading Auto Renew

Step 1

Sooo I've come up with a few plans to get me back on track. The first being getting back into His word like I used to. The crazy thing is that I love God's word... I just have a little trouble focusing sometimes. The spirit of distraction does this dance with my flesh (which needs … Continue reading Step 1

And Another One

Celebrating another year of "blogging" or ranting while following Christ. I've matured a bit from when I've first started writing. I've shed a lot of weight (spiritually and even naturally) and I'm working towards sharing more of my journey. More about how great God is despite the attacks that the enemy is sending my way. … Continue reading And Another One