The Big one

So much to say, not sure where to begin!      First and foremost, Happy Anniversary to Heavenly Glimpse! Its now a year and a few days since I've started this blog. I'm still finding my way through blogging and my spiritual life so this is only the beginning.      Now that I got … Continue reading The Big one


4 x 4

  So I recently went on a 10 day Daniels fast. I was in desperate need of a cleansing. I wanted to be rid of the distractions in my life. I wanted to stop existing and get back to living for Christ. My flesh was getting in the way, in fact my flesh was the … Continue reading 4 x 4

He’s a Good Good Father!

   I'm sitting here, getting ready to complain about my life. About how things aren't going right, why these tears keep falling, why I'm still failing in this test, why does God want to use me... (if He still wants to use me). BUT... I'm deciding not to praise my problems, but to praise my … Continue reading He’s a Good Good Father!

The Hit List

So I mentioned writing this about a month or so ago...       As I mentioned In my previous posts, I have been struggling with the stronghold of unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment. This is something that has been deeply rooted in my life stemming from a combination of hurt, low self esteem and fear. … Continue reading The Hit List

Perfectly Fitting In.. No Where..

       Attachments, for as long as I can remember; I've always wanted to make attachments. It's a result of me always "losing" a good/great bond to someone who was usually jealous (the only way to put it). It was usually someone that came along that just had to prove to others that I … Continue reading Perfectly Fitting In.. No Where..

3 Day Quote Challenge #3

On my final day of this challenge, I wanted to bring a quote from none other than Martin Luther King Jr. He needs no introduction however, I just cant help myself! He was a preacher, Thinker, and human rights activist. Even in death he is still bridging the human race together. His drive towards unity … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge #3

3 Day Quote Challenge #2

Today's quote comes from none other than my mother! It might have something to do with it being her 71st birthday today lol! Well, Just a little background on my mother (and I). She was born and raised in Au Cap, Haiti. She came to the United States nearly forty years ago. She was and … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge #2

3 Day Quote Challenge #1

   I realized that I was nominated for a quote challenge yesterday. I'm still pretty new on here and I admit it still takes me a while to navigate a few things. However, I realized that this could also help me connect to the community a little more sooo #ChallengeAccepted! I want to thank my … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge #1

Path to righteousness

In order to win the battle, I must first prepare for the fight. What will I have to do to get from bitter, resentful, and unforgiving to truly loving those that have wronged me. The bible holds the answers, I just gotta apply it to my day to day living. But before I get into … Continue reading Path to righteousness

Falling in line…For real

There are people who don't want to be delivered out of their messes, because they rather invite people to validate that it is in fact a mess. I've been hearing this a lot. The truth is that that person is me. It took a while to truly come to terms with it. Although God was … Continue reading Falling in line…For real